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Our chiropodists are specialized in sport chiropody (the majority are in charge of the chiropody and biomechanics services to high-ranking teams such as Real Madrid, the Spanish National Football team, Atlético de Madrid, CSKA Moscow, the Spanish Athletics Federation, the Spanish Golf Federation etc.) We have the latest technology to diagnose with precision whether the way an athlete steps may have a relation to a present or future injury.

The way that someone steps has a direct relation with an injury in an athlete. This being a movement that we will repeat millions of times during sport, any small defect can lead to an injury.


Making a bio-mechanical study previous to an injury would be ideal. This study would be recommended in any person who is going to start doing exercise.


It’s of utmost importance to understand this concept when we want to recommend an insole treatment in an athlete. The insole has to have a a clear objective depending on the results from the bio-mechanical study and always has to allow some grade of mobility for the foot in order to maintain its elasticity.  An excessively hard insole would greatly limit the capacity to absorb the shock, transferring a lot of pressure onto the joints and facilitating the development of  injuries due to repeated impact. An excessively soft insole would make the athlete’s knees unstable (this being very harmful for the lateral structures such as the meniscus and the cartilage).


For that reason Podoactiva’s Elite Sport insoles are designed at a personal level and by sophisticated, internally developed software. We select a different density for the different parts of the insole for every patient (we do not work with insoles that have a generic density). Subsequently we manufacture the insole automatically with a high precision process. This method allows us to give each insole a fair degree of elasticity required for each patient. Each year we perform more than 30,000 treatments using custom insoles and every one of them is different.

If no two feet are identical, neither should there be two identical insoles.