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3 follow-ups
One year Quality guarantee
Any modifications during treatment evolution

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Podoactiva Elite

Podoactiva insoles are the result of years of research in the field. 

After the insole has been designed by the engineering department, it is manufactured robotically with a precision of 0.01mm using a two-face machining process, customising each insole's geometry and thickness in the various areas of the insole to obtain the ideal result for each patient.

No heat-forming process is used In the Podoactiva insole manufacturing process as this is very aggressive for the material. In this way, the Podoactiva insole has the same mechanical properties as the original material, known as Podoactiva Dynamic (manufactured in Germany exclusively for Podoactiva).

The Podoactiva Élite Sport insole is currently used by over 2000 top-level athletes for various sports. 


All treatments performed with our Podoactiva Élite Sport insoles include at least three annual reviiews in which the patient's evolution is assessed and quality control is performed on the insole to ensure ideal results.

The cost of the treatment includes all the necessary reviews until the patient is entirely satisfied.

Podoactiva Guarantee

All our treatments have a 1-year guarantee, which includes any necessary adjustments or repetitions of the treatment.


Key properties: 
Better adaptation to the foot
Exclusive material
Less thick (improving comfort)
Improved dynamic response (optimum cushioning)
Improved breathability (compatible with breathable shoes)
Greater durability without losing shape
Specific insoles for football, basketball, cycling, running, skiing…
Greater elastic memory and flexibility (keeps its original shape better than thermoformed materials)

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