Customised insoles

The most advanced customised insoles on the market
  • Based on your biomechanical and anatomical parameters
  • Used by 250,000 patients and over 2,000 elite athletes
  • Designed using proprietary and patented technology employing Artificial Intelligence systems
  • Effective for prevention and treatment of sports injuries, for children, senior citizens and everyday life

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Find out why 250,000 people like you are already using them:


Our team of podiatrists will detect your needs in a first visit

We have over 150 centres and are experts in solving any type of pathology of the feet or problems resulting from these, such as sports injuries, ailments due to improper foot strike, time-related problems, biomechanical issues of the back or lower limbs, or child podiatry cases.

After studying your case, a biomechanical assessment of your gait is performed

After studying your case, a biomechanical assessment of your gait is performed A biomechanical gait assessment is performed with an exclusive protocol required to create the customised insole. In this way, a product perfectly adapted to each customer can be guaranteed. This assessment includes at least the following tests:

• Analysis of patient stability

• Pressure platform

• High-speed video

• High-precision Podoactiva 3D scan, patented worldwide


We design our insoles with great precision to adapt to your needs

We design our insoles with great precision to adapt to your needs They are designed using optimum data on your feet using the virtual model generated by the Podoactiva 3D scan and the design team of our engineering department, and robotically manufactured…

What differentiates us

3D scan Podoactiva

Patented worldwide, it generates a virtual mould and provides optimal data on foot geometry, compared to other systems that gather data in two dimensions only or use more imprecise artisanal processes.

Artificial intelligence

We use the data and experience of the more than 250,000 treatments performed to provide each customer with an optimal solution.

Exclusive material

Our insoles are manufactured from an exclusive alloy that provides an improved mechanical response over any other material, recovering its original position in each step and with increased elasticity and strength.

Robotic manufacturing and exact replicas

Robotic manufacturing gives a precision of 0.01mm using a machining process, thereby adjusting the treatment as much as possible. This process and the design created with proprietary software allows an exact replica insole to be made for each patient.

Specific models

We have designed insoles for different uses, such as Comfort Line insoles for patients with special needs, Podoactiva Ski insoles, or Elite Woman insoles for high-heel shoes.

Maximum comfort

Our insoles are thinner, more flexible and lighter, have a better dynamic response, better breathability and greater durability without losing their shape. 


Now just enjoy your customised insoles... and remember:

Our treatments have a one-year guarantee, including three check-ups and all the necessary adjustments

Insoles models:

The most advanced insoles on the market. Designed by engineers and made from exclusive materials
Made from high-quality EVA for patients with special needs
Designed for each pair of high-heel shoes. Improves comfort and reduces irritation
Aid in learning and practice. Prevent injuries and increase comfort