Biomechanical assessment

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    What the biomechanical assessment is and what it is for


    The biomechanical assessment of the gait or foot strike involves analyzing the foot in a static and dynamic situation and its relationship with other structures, such as the knee, hip or back.


    A correct analysis of the gait can prevent the appearance of muscular and osteoarticular injuries such as repeat sprains, metatarsal pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, tendinitis, muscle strains, chondropathies, hip tilts, etc.


    The biomechanical study also allows pre and post treatment evaluation of various ailments: after surgery, after rehab, etc.

    Our complete biomechanical assessment comprises:


    Exploration on a stretcher


    A specialist will assess the articular and muscular ranges of motion for the ankle, knee and hip.


    Performing upright biomechanical tests


    Tests will also be conducted to assess the potential existence of length differences between the legs. These tests allow us to evaluate very important aspects such as elasticity, muscle tone, activation of muscle groups, and so on.


    Study of static footprint using pressure platforms


    The assessment studies the patient in a static position to evaluate the points of maximum pressure on the foot, center of gravity, etc.


    Stability test using a pressure platform (stabilometry)


    Allows analyzing the posture and assessing the influence of foot support on the patient's balance


    Study of dynamic footprint using pressure platforms


    Allows analyzing the foot in motion and obtaining data such as maximum pressure, displacement of pressure center, rotations, etc.



    high-speed video


    Using video systems at 1200 images per second allows analyzing details that are not visible to the human eye but which can have great importance for diagnosis.



    Walking/running kinematic analysis


    This system allows assessing the symmetry or asymmetry of the gait with or without insoles, air times and contact times for each foot, performing a jump test, etc.


    You Next 4D Motion Capture study


    A 4D analysis system that can measure movement in the three spatial axes (height, width and depth) as well as in time as the fourth dimension. *This study is only available in some clinics.



    Delivery of your report


    After completing the assessment and analyzing your activity, the need for treatment with Podoactiva insoles, strengthening exercises, stretching, etc. is evaluated.


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      Our complete biomechanical assessment comprises:

      Customized insoles available after our biomechanical assessments

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