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Treatment of Papilloma

The human papillomavirus (HPV) is known for causing skin lesions such as verrucae.


Verrucae on the Sole of the Foot


According to the size and location of the papilloma, we choose the best treatment in each case.


It is important to differentiate between the singular verrucae on the sole of the foot, which are usually located in pressure zones and the verrucae on the sole of the foot which grow in a mosaic pattern.  This latter type are not as deep as the singular verrucae which tend to have a deeper lesion, usually considered the principle lesion.


There are many types of treatment: surgical (classical surgery, laser surgery…), physical (cryotherapy), alternative (homeopathy, acupuncture…), antiviral and immunomodulatory (bleomycin, 5- fluorouracil…), medicines (Interferon, Cidofovir…) or chemical (acids, silver nitrate, cantharidin). Therefore it is important to go to one of our specialists, who will assess and decide upon the most adequate treatment for each patient according to their age and the type, location and growth of the lesion.


Key properties: 
There are many types of treatment: surgical, physical, alternative, antiviral and immunomodulatory, medicines or chemicals.

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