ingrown toenail

La onychocryptosis It happens when an edge of the nail digs under the skin of the finger, colloquially known as "ingrown toenail" (although the correct thing would be "incarnate nail"). It can occur for multiple causes, such as wearing the badly cut nails or tight-fitting shoes, Among others. 


If the ingrown toenail causes injury, it is easy for an infection causing an abscess (inflammation of the tissues with accumulation of pus).


Conservative treatment

Going for a regular consultation will be key to controlling the good growth of the nail, in addition to receiving explanations and advice from the professional on each case. The podiatrist will be the one who will decide whether to continue with conservative treatment or perform outpatient surgery to solve the problem definitively.

Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment consists of performing a small outpatient surgery. This treatment is used when a granuloma is present or when conservative techniques are not very effective.


There are various techniques to operate an ingrown toenail, but the chemical matricectomy it is one of the most effective.


El result Expected is a nail in which the operated edge no longer grows and has a good aesthetic appearance.

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