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Treating nail fungus with laser beams


Treating onychomycosis or nail fungal infections with laser beams (K-Laser) is an innovative technique which obtains good results after few sessions and without the need for medication. Four six-minute sessions are usually enough to eliminate fungus from the big toenail. It is applicable to all patients, has no secondary effects and is painless (the patient only feels intense heat on the treated area).


An estimated 10% of the population suffer from this condition, which is more serious in diabetic and elderly people, for whom we recommend this treatment.


The laser beam is a source of heat which eliminates the fungus along with the spores – using the principle of selective phototermolysis – taking advantage of the differences in the absorption of the laser beam's energy and of the thermal conductivity between the fungal infection and the surrounding tissue .


The method is by pulsed light in order to contribute to the dissipation of the heat by the tissue, thus avoiding most of the secondary effects and possible later subsequent discomforts. The wave lengths used are calculated to be absorbed by the water of the tissue, so that the energy of the laser is transformed into heat and they are not absorbed by the other chromophores of the body (melanin and haemoglobin).


Key properties:


  • K-laser uses a 970 nm diode for this treatment, since it is a type of light with great affinity for water and a very low absorption by the haemoglobin. For more information and appointments, call +34 902 365 099.

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