Sports Podiatry

We are specialists in caring for the footprint of all types of athletes, attending to the particular needs of each sport, category and patient.


Foot care should be present throughout our lives. We cannot forget that our feet will endure between 2 and 4 times our weight at each step that we give. In sporty people it is even more important, if possible, to take care of the footprint, since it is a gesture that will be performed thousands of times.


If our tread is not adequate it not only affects our feet, but our entire body. The joint that can suffer the most in relation to a defective gait is the knee. In the same way, many of the muscles that insert into the leg have another insert into the foot.


If we take care of our footprint, chances are that we can enjoy sports throughout life in a healthy way.

Injury prevention and sports performance improvement

To take care of the footprint of our patients we have the most high technology to accurately diagnose whether an athlete's tread may be related to a present or future injury.

The ideal is to carry out a biomechanical study of the tread prior to the appearance of the injury. This study would be indicated for anyone who begins to practice sport on a regular basis and, of course, for all those who do it intensively or professionally.

The treatment with custom templates is designed using a sophisticated Own development software, selecting a different thickness in the different parts of the template for each patient (not working with generic thickness templates). Subsequently and in a robotic way, the template is manufactured with a process of high accuracy.

This methodology allows us to give each staff the right degree of elasticity required by each patient, in order to improve their sports performance and prevent injuries.

Most common injury treatments:

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