Following our commitment to top quality, excellence and use of the latest advances and technology applied to health care, Podoactiva has created an Outpatient Foot Surgery Unit at the Podoactiva Olavide clinic in Madrid.


The aim of this unit, a benchmark for the entire Podoactiva network of clinics, is to provide definitive solutions for pathologies that conservative treatment of the foot and ankle has not been able to solve.

The most common pathologies dealt with by this unit range from simple procedures such as ingrown toenails and skin pathologies such as cysts or papillomas, to more complex osteoarticular surgery such as hallux valgus (bunions), tailor's bunions, claw toes, metatarsalgias, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, flat feet in children and adults, and arthritis of the foot.


All of these procedures are performed under local anesthesia and as an outpatient, so that the patient can usually return home about one hour after finishing the procedure, sometimes even sooner.


Minimally invasive surgery is performed using 2-3 millimeter incisions through which we can access the structures on which to act and perform the various surgical operations required to solve the problem, using conventional or open surgery. The decision on which technique to use will depend on the pathology to be treated and the surgeon's opinion; in both cases, the operation is pain-free and allows the patient to walk immediately, with special footwear.

To develop these surgical techniques we use the latest technology at our Ambulatory Surgery Unit, with interventional digital radiology, ultrasound or fluoroscopy system. We also offer the patient the option of adding to the surgical and non-surgical treatments the use of tissue repair and regeneration technology using platelet-rich plasma in our Biological Therapy Unit.

For more information on surgical interventions on the foot, contact our reference center