Podoactiva has more than 15 street-level clinics in Spain and other international ones (in Italy and Andorra). In addition, its network of centers is completed with more than 150 podiatric units in more than 9 countries. All clinics are equipped with the necessary technological equipment to provide Podoactiva's exclusive services and treatments.


All of them are part of Podoactiva. The technological infrastructure belongs to Podoactiva and develops the processes and patents of Podoactiva. The professionals who provide their services in them are from Podoactiva, they learn at Podoactiva and are trained in Podoactiva's exclusive protocols and treatments. The quality standards are those of Podoactiva. The patients are Podoactiva patients. This is how the company that must grow and develop its business has understood and understands: 100% Podoactiva.


The model could have envisaged another type of less organic and more diversified growth, such as that which is accelerated through the granting of licenses for the use of its patents or through franchised development in the various modalities that it contemplates. But Podoactiva has always been clear that it is essential to move forward together, as a community of professionals and patients that is increasingly numerous and is present in more places in Spain. And the world.