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Podoactiva ski

Podoactiva has developed and patented a specific insole for skiing. The Podoactiva Ski insole is developed to improve skiers' stability. It is a revolution for safer skiing.

Podoactiva Ski insoles have been developed applying the pioneering theory of weight triangulation in the feet to optimise load transmission from the front to the rear of the foot.

Podoactiva Ski insoles improve technique, stability, comfort, and make learning to ski easier. They have been developed and implemented by the multidisciplinary team of Podoactiva, composed of engineers, podiatrists, physiotherapists and national instructors.

Our insoles have been tested in extreme conditions to objectively confirm their high capacity to provide insulation from cold and their great difference from the generic insoles available on the market.


¿Cómo puede una plantilla ayudarme a esquiar?

Skiing technique and materials have evolved substantially in recent years. With the new generation of skis the importance of the foot in skiing technique has increased. 

Podoactiva Ski insoles are the result of a research project by podiatrists and engineers of Podoactiva, ski instructors and researchers from the Universidad de Zaragoza. 

They are patented by Podoactiva and designed individually on the basis of a biomechanical study conducted previously by a podiatrist obtaining parameters such as the shape of the foot, deformities (claw toes, bunions, etc.), joint mobility, pressure distribution simulating skiing movements, etc.




Key properties: 
Aid with practising and learning skiing
Total adaptation: the foot and boot form a single block
Minimum thickness, without reducing space in the inner boot
Optimise the feel and the transmission of forces to the skis
Reduce the likelihood of bunions, bursitis, etc.
Prevent injuries and improve dynamic response
Podoactiva exclusive materials

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