Podoactiva Foundation

Fundación Podoactiva was born in 2013 with the aim of promote and support social projects, projects related to sports, healthy lifestyles, training and research in new treatments in the world of podiatry and biomechanics. In particular, the fields of action of Fundación Podoactiva are summarized in these 5 main actions:

1. Collaborate on social projects

Through the book "Everything begins with a step" of Víctor Alfaro, general director of Podoactiva, and Alienta Editorial, the Podoactiva Foundation allocates all the profits generated by copyrights to help children in Ethiopia with the Entarachen Vols Foundation, and children in India, through the "Football is life" project of International Cooperation


From Fundación Podoactiva we are delighted to support the NGO Entarachen Vols, an organization from Huesca linked to the Casa Salesiana de Huesca that supports the women and children of Ethiopia. Its main objective is to promote transformation and mobilization towards social justice and equality, and support educational projects in impoverished peoples and nations in order to create a future for them.


It is also a pleasure to follow the steps of the project "Football is life” of International Cooperation, with whom we have already collaborated on other occasions. This project helps in the social and educational development of the children of the India through sport and healthy living.



2. Promote the practice in sport

Podoactiva Foundation is collaborator and sponsor of events of different sports disciplines such as tournaments, national races, popular meetings, sports campuses, etc., where it is made available to the participants tents and stands in which our podiatry professionals take care of and analyze your footprints with small demonstrations and on-site assessments.


This last year we have been present in more than 250 events spread throughout Spain.


Fundación Podoactiva also collaborates and sponsors racing against cancer in different cities, in addition to promoting the defense and restoration of the Castle of Montearagón in Huesca thanks to the Podoactiva Medieval Trail, a sporting and recreational event already consolidated in the Aragonese racing calendar.

3. Professional development

Fundación Podoactiva collaborates with different educational organizations to teach subjects related to podiatry and biomechanics. In the month of March 2019, the Governing Council of the University of Zaragoza approved the justifying report for the creation and affiliation of the University Center of Podiatry-Podoactiva, in Huesca, as well as the agreement that will be signed with the Podoactiva Foundation for this purpose.


The new Degree in Podiatry is scheduled to begin teaching in the 2022-2023 academic year. 

4. Podoactiva mobile unit

Thanks to the Mobile unit of Podoactiva, which in 2020 has been completely reformed, we carry out podiatric care in those locations where patients do not have access to these services.


Fundación Podoactiva has the first Mobile Podiatry Unit in Spain that runs through those towns that, due to their small size, do not have a Health Center to bring the foot care service closer to the homes of the elderly who need itThe Podoactiva Mobile Unit attends to more than 6.000 people each year in their towns.


“It is a service that is very well accepted because we bring the podiatrist to the door of the house. We have always opted for the rural world and we believe that it is very important to bring podiatric care to towns whose population is usually aging, since treating the problems that older people may have with their feet is essential to improve their quality of life," he says. Víctor Alfaro, CEO of Podoactiva.

5. Prevention campaigns

From Fundación Podoactiva we launch prevention campaigns with different groups with the aim of carrying out studies of the footprint, thus preventing or treating problems associated with it.


La “Tread well, grow better” campaign They are carried out in schools or children's organizations to prevent possible injuries or discomfort in children and young people through a study of the footprint. Prevention in childhood is essential to avoid problems in adulthood.


The “Tread well, live better” campaign is carried out with entities such as companies, clubs or groups from different fields. We believe that checking podiatric health is key at any age to improve people's quality of life.

6. Conferences and scientific publications

The fifth area of ​​action of Fundación Podoactiva focuses on encourage and support research in the field of biomechanics, podiatry and rehabilitation, as well as promoting technological development as a strategic priority for Podoactiva.


In turn, the Podoactiva Foundation organizes and participates in forums, conferences and talks to inform and raise awareness on the care, prevention and treatment of pathologies related to the foot at all ages.


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