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Podoactiva elite woman

Podoactiva Elite Woman insoles, designed for each foot and heel height, are meant to reduce discomfort and prevent injury to the feet, hips, knees and back associated with the extended use of this type of footwear:

- Creating a customised sole inside the high-heel shoe that increases stability.

- Increasing comfort.

- Minimising side effects resulting from the extended use of high-heel shoes. 


Biomechanical study

In order to create the Podoactiva Elite Woman insole a complete biomechanical study is performed led by consultation specialists certified by Podoactiva:

- Muscle and joint exploration.

- Static and dynamic study on a pressure platform.

- Gait recording with a high-speed camera.


Podoactiva 3D Scan Sport Digital Imaging

Next, a 3D digital image is captured of the patient's footprint using the Podoactiva Technique, with the Podoactiva 3D Scan Sport® system patented worldwide. The patient steps on a membrane with an adjustable tension in real-load circumstances, enveloping the soft tissue and simulating the posture and position inside the shoe according to the heel height. 


Design and Manufacture

The insole is designed by the Podoactiva engineering department using exclusive Podoactiva software that applies finite elements calculation concepts to simulate the action of the insole on the foot according to the shape, weight and dynamics, occupying the least possible space inside the high-heel shoe. A high impact-absorption material is used in the area of the middle toes to reduce pain due to the continuous pressure caused by wearing these shoes.

Podoactiva insoles are manufactured using double face robotic machining with a precision of microns, customising the shape and thickness of the various areas to obtain the ideal results for each patient. They are made from exclusive materials (Podoactiva Dynamic) and are finished by highly qualified specialists.




Key properties: 
Adjust to your foot and improve comfort while occupying as little space as possible
Lighter and more breathable
Greater elastic memory and flexibility
Improved dynamic response (optimum cushioning)
Greater durability without losing shape
Reduce discomfort in the toe area
Guarantee and necessary adjustments included in the first year

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