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1 Revisión de control a los 3 meses
One year Quality guarantee
Any modifications during treatment evolution

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Podoactiva Comfort Line

These insoles are designed for patients with specific needs related to their pathology. They are particularly recommended for older patients with specific lower limb problems. 

They are a good option for patients who need custom insoles providing increased cushioning and comfort. These insoles are normally recommended for patients with reduced adipose tissue on their feet, low muscle mass or a pathology that requires greater comfort when walking. 

Comfort Line insoles are the option of choice for some non-athletic patients who need them for everyday use.  

Podoactiva insoles are the result of years of research in the field of podiatry and are manufactured robotically from a material known as high-quality EVA. 


At Podoactiva, all the treatments performed include at least three annual reviews for evaluating the patient's evolution and performing quality control on the insole to ensure optimum results. 

Podoactiva Guarantee

All our treatments have a 1-year guarantee, which includes any necessary adjustments or repetitions of the treatment.



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