Podiatry for Senior Citizens

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At Podoactiva we help to treat and minimise the pathologies and problems caused by time on the feet of the elderly, which worsen their quality of life and sometimes limit their physical activity.

Some of these injuries are directly related with a faulty foot strike, such as metatarsalgias, heel spurs, repetitive sprains, Morton's neuroma, plantar fascitis, pes cavus or flat feet, and can be solved effectively using Podoactiva custom-made insoles following a specific biomechanical study.

Our insoles also help to compensate and correct the problems caused by time on the feet, such as a loss of adipose tissue (sole fat tissue), changes in foot alignment or loss of strength and stability, and also help to correct issues in other parts of the body, such as the back, knees and backbone. 

At Podoactiva we have specific protocols for treating diabetic foot and its complications, such as ulcers; we also treat other pathologies due to chronic processes such as arthritis.

All Podoactiva centres have specific units for providing advanced chiropody services at comfortable facilities that use the latest technology. These sessions include the therapeutic cutting and grinding of nails, delamination of hyperkeratoses (corns), treating ingrown nails, plantar verrucas, nail and foot fungi, shaving heels and hydration and relaxation massages.