Chiropody older people

At Podoactiva we help treat and minimize the pathologies and problems caused by the passage of time on the feet of the elderly, and that contribute to diminish their quality of life and sometimes limit their physical activity.

Some of these injuries are directly related to faulty gait such as metatarsalgia, heel spurs, repeat sprains, Morton's neuroma, Plantar fasciitis, dig foot o flatfoot, and that can be solved in a very effective way with the treatment of Podoactiva custom templates after a biomechanical study specific.

Our insoles also help to compensate and correct the problems that the passage of time has caused in the feet such as the loss of adipose tissue (plantar fat), changes in foot alignment, or loss of strength and stability, and they also help correct dysfunctions in other parts of the body, such as the back, knees and spine.

Diabetic foot. Treatment and prevention of ulcers

At Podoactiva we have specific protocols to treat diabetic foot and all its complications such as ulcers and other pathologies derived from chronic processes, such as osteoarthritis.

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