Podiatric Surgery

Following the premises of maximum quality, excellence and use of the latest advances and cutting-edge technology applied to the world of podiatry and health, we have launched the unit of Ambulatory Foot Surgery in several clinics of the Podoactiva network. 


The objective of this unit, a reference for the entire network of Podoactiva clinics, is to provide definitive solutions to pathologies To which the conservative treatment of the foot and ankle has not given an answer.


All these interventions are carried out through local and outpatient anesthesiaTherefore, the patient can return home normally one hour after the intervention has concluded and, sometimes, earlier.


Here it is done minimally invasive surgery, in which through 2-3 millimeter incisions we are able to access the structures to be intervened and develop the different surgical gestures for their resolution, using traditional or open surgery. The decision to use one or the other technique will depend on the pathology to be treated and the professional decision, in both cases being a painless surgery that allows immediate ambulation with special footwear.

Most frequent pathologies of intervention:

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