Our purpose is to root the health and wellness of people from the care of their only point of contact with the earth: their feet. As part of our mission, we try to make a mark on society, bringing our treatments and services to all places and communities. A society that steps well to live better.


Wear the chiropody and biomechanics at the forefront consultancy y sustainable financing model, developing our innovative processes and bringing them closer to the goal of “zero waste”. We work to achieve full national implantation and to grow internationally in new markets. Ultimately, we envision a future in which podiatry and biomechanics are revolutionized disciplines and whose teaching and professional training are more accessible and more integrated into the business fabric.

Photo values


QUALITY: we seek continuous improvement in our services and treatments.


INNOVATION: we are committed to technology and research as the basis of our activity and our services.


AUDACITY: we help to evolve podiatry and biomechanics with new approaches and new objectives.


DIGITALIZATION: we define our strategic projects from the most advanced standards of connectivity, flexibility and digitization.


AUTHENTICITY: we are Podoactiva in all points of relationship with the patient, in all our clinics and podiatric units and in all the teams that are part of the company.


CLOSENESS: we want to be your podiatrists at street level, those responsible for ensuring that the health of your feet, and the feet of yours, are in the best hands.


INCLUSION: we assume as part of our corporate responsibility to work for a more just and inclusive society. For years, we have supported the Spanish Paralympic Committee as a representative of these objectives and as a generator of human and sports references for all.


EQUALITY: we defend equal opportunities and apply internal policies that ensure this objective in our company.


SUSTAINABILITY: We understand that the only development, the only growth and the only success can only be sustainable. We live on a planet that we must take care of and deliver in better conditions to future generations. For this reason, we work to reduce the environmental impact and the generation of waste in all our production processes and in all our patented technologies.