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The History of Podoactiva

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  • Podoactiva started out in 1994 as a small chiropody practice in Huesca.


  • During the early years, it expanded to cover the whole province specializing in biomechanical studies of gait and treatment in the form of customized insoles.
  • Podoactiva takes charge of the Unit of Chiropody and Biomechanics of the Chiron Clinic Zaragoza.


  • The pioneering service of the Mobile Unit is created to attend patients where they live.


  • National expansion starts in order to provide new services to new clinics.
  • Podoactiva, in conjunction with the Engineering Research Institute of Aragon (i3A), begins a project to develop a new way to scan and manufacture customized insoles using new materials.


  • Construction of the new head office at Walqa Technological Park begins.
  • The system called 3D Scan Sport Podoactiva® is patented nationwide.
  • This is complemented by the creation of our own software to analyse problems with gait and to design an insole from a virtual mold of the foot for its subsequent robotic manufacture by milling a solid piece of exclusive alloy material - polypropylene carbon (Podoactiva Dynamic y Podoactiva Elastic).
  • Research into the manufacture of insoles specifically for skiing in collaboration with the ski expert Rafael Arpal.


  • Podoactiva opens its first centre in Madrid, in the central street, C/ Capitán Haya.
  • Podoactiva is the technology developer in R + D + i of the Aragonese Footwear Group.
  • Development projects in children's shoes were carried out, in collaboration with the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV).
  • Podoactiva receives the Aragonex prize in the I+D category in Madrid


  • The president of the Region of Aragón inaugurates Podoactiva’s Head Office, which incorporates biomechanics rooms, areas for the capture of 3D images of movement in sport, different sports surfaces (basketball, athletics, football, golf, paddle), 3D Scanners, Scan Sport Podoactiva®, central to the design and manufacture of insoles and the logistics centre, supplying all clinics.
  • Victor Alfaro receives the Young Aragonese Entrepreneur Award 2010.
  • Victor Alfaro Santa Fe, Director General of Podoactiva receives a Highly Commended Prize for Innovation at the National Young Entrepreneur Awards. Patent for the Podoactiva Ski insole.
    Podoactiva collaborates with the Aragonese Footwear Group (CLAC) to launch the innovative Airsoul System insoles.
  • Patent of the Podoactiva Ski insole.
  • Podoactiva collaborates with the Aragonese Footwear Group (CLAC) to launch the innovative Airsoul System insoles


  • D. Victor Alfaro Santafe is appointed member of the Governing Board of the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV).
  • The patents spread worldwide.
  • Podoactiva Ski insoles are launched.
  • The Podoactiva Custom Bike,a biomechanical adaptation of the cyclist to the bicycle, is launched.
  • Research projects with the Technological Institute of Aragon (ITA) and the Engineering Research Institute of Aragon (I3A) begin.


  • Podoactiva signs an agreement with the Spanish National Football Team to become the official supplier of Biomechanics to their first team, youth teams, regional teams and collective arbitration.
  • The start of the European project Rapid Orthez (Eurostars) in collaboration with the Turkish company +90 in the development of new materials applied to insoles. 


  • Podoactiva signs agreements both with the Spanish Golf Federation and with the Spanish Athletics Federation to become the official supplier of Biomechanics and offer favourable terms to their federated players, while also treating the elite of each of the federations.
  • Podoactiva receives the Economic News (Actualidad Económica) Award for the most innovative Aragonese company and the Aragonese Award of the Year for Science and Innovation, given by the Periódico de Aragón, a regional newspaper.
  • The start of the second European project, CLOUDSME,part of the 7th European Framework Programme for the development of technologies in the cloud, which support Podoactiva specialists in internal processes.
  • Victor Alfaro, Director of Podoactiva, is chosen by Forbes magazine as one of the seventeen talents to consider at national level.
  • The launch of the products Podoactiva Elite Woman (insoles specifically for high heels) and Podoactiva Riudavets (the first customized Menorcan rustic sandal on the market).


  • The launch of the product Podoactiva Elite Protection (shinpads, customized both in their geometry and in the exterior design of two versions, carbon fiber and polypropylene).
  • Podoactiva begins its plan to create Elite Sport centres in major Spanish cities (centres equipped with a20-metre-long instrumented track to perform cinematic assessments of running, captured in 3D images).
  • In June the Podoactiva Elite Barcelona centre opened its doors in Avenida Diagonal 363, Barcelona.
  • In July this year, Gipuzkoa Polyclinic inaugurated the Podoactiva Elite Gipuzcoa centre in its premises as one of the biggest ventures this year for both companies.
  • In September, a new Elite centre opened to the public, this time in Valladolid, within the premises of the Recoletos 8 Clinic, in the capital of the province.


  • Podoactiva and AITIIP Technoloy Centre sign a research collaboration agreement for research, development and technology innovation in the field of health and sport. 
  • Podoactiva launches the brand Younext for the design and manufacture of new personalised treatments.
  • Podoactiva inaugurates the largest podology and biomechanics unit in Andalucía in  the Hospital Nisa Aljarafe in Sevilla.
  • Podoactiva becomes the Official Supplier for the  Spanish Paralimpic Commitee 
  • The Younext 4D Motion Capture movement analysis System is developed.
  • Podoactiva receives the prize Triple Hélice PYME 2015 for small and médium suzed businesses.
  • Microsoft selects Podoactiva as a success story in the use of technology applied to health.
  • For the first time, a real patient  is treated with a Younext 3D printed splint instead of a traditional plastercast.
  • Podoactiva launches Younext Bike, the most complete biomechanical study for   the cyclist.
  • Podoactiva receives the “Estrella de Oro” award from the Institute for Business Excellence
  • Podoactiva receives the award for  most innovative small / medium company of 2015 from the Forum of Innovative Companies


  • Podoactiva receives recognition from the Spanish Royal Athletics Federation for its support for national athletics 
  • Podoactiva opens its path abroad and inaugurates its first clinic in Oporto.