This 2021, without a doubt, has continued to be different for everyone, but it has also been a year of hope, because, after all, the positive is what we remember when we look back.

En partners, growth with opening of new clinics, our presence in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and our firm commitment to research and training have been key axes for us. In this video we review, for months, the most important milestones of this 2021


  • We are 10 years old professional career at the service of the health of our patients.
  • We started our international journey and we inaugurated the first clinic in Porto, in collaboration the clinics Nuno Mendes.
  • We also inaugurated the first clinic Podoactiva in Mexico, in La Puebla de Zaragoza, by the hand of the INNVO clinic.
  • We started the distribution of Podoactiva custom templates in Polish clinics.
  • We opened the first clinic in Italy with The clinic Podiatry Mazzini.
  • We organized in Huesca the I International Congress of Podiatry and Biomechanics in Soccer.
  • We celebrate the V National Congress of Podoactiva in Huesca.
  • Throwing of Younext Bike, the most complete biomechanical study for the cyclist and the brand younext, for the design and manufacture of new personalized treatments.
  • Microsoft selects Podoactiva as a success story in the use of technology applied to health.
  • We signed a collaboration agreement on research, development and technological innovation in the field of health and sports with AITIIP Technological Center.
  • We inaugurated the largest podiatry and biomechanics unit in Andalusia in the Nisa Aljarafe Hospital in Seville.
  • We became an Official Supplier of the Spanish Parlympic Committee.
  • We developed the Younext 4D Motion Capture motion analysis system.
  • We received the 2015 Triple Helix SME award, the Gold Star from the Institute for Business Excellence and the Most innovative SME 2015 of the Innovative Business Forum
  • Clinic Opening Podoactiva Elite Barcelona on Avenida Diagonal 363 in Barcelona (renamed in 2018 as Clínica Podoactiva Diagonal)
  • Product Launch Podoactiva Elite Protection (custom shin guards both in its geometry and in the exterior design in two versions, carbon fiber and polypropylene).
  • Podoactiva begins its plan to create Elite Sport centers in the main Spanish cities (centers equipped with a twenty meter long instrumented track to be able to carry out kinematic evaluations of the race and 3D captures).
  • Opening of two elite units Podoactiva en Gipuzkoa y Valladolid.
  • Most innovative SME 2015 of the Innovative Business Forum
  • Víctor Alfaro, general director of Podoactiva, is chosen by the magazine Forbes as one of seventeen talents to be considered nationally.
  • Opening of Podoactiva Clinic Huesca.
  • Product launch Podoactiva Elite Woman (specific insoles for high heels) and Podoactiva Riudavets (the first personalized Menorcan on the market).
  • We sign agreements with the Spanish Golf Federation and by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of Spain with the Spanish Athletics Federation to become an official provider of podiatry and biomechanics.
  • We received the Actualidad Económica award the most innovative Aragonese company and the Aragonese Award of the Year in Science and Innovation by the Aragón newspaper.
  • Start of the second European project, CLOUDS ME, of the 7th European Framework Program, for the development of cloud technologies that support Podoactiva specialists in internal processes.
  • We are official providers of podiatry and biomechanics of the first national teams.
  • Start of the European project Rapid Orthez (Eurostars) in collaboration with the Turkish company +90 in the development of new materials applied to insoles.
  • Víctor Alfaro, general director of Podoactiva, It is named member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV).
  • The patents worldwide.
  • The Podoactiva Ski custom insoles y Podoactiva Custom Bike, biomechanical adaptation of the cyclist to the bicycle.
  • We started the research projects with the Aragon Technological Institute (ITA) and Aragon Engineering Research Institute (I3A).
  • Rapid Orthez (Eurostars) in collaboration with the Turkish company +90 in the development of new materials applied to insoles.
  • The president of the Community of Aragon inaugurates the Podoactiva Headquarters in the Walqa Technology Park (Huesca), which incorporates biomechanics rooms, capture spaces in dimensions of the sporting gesture, different sports ground surfaces (basketball, athletics, soccer, golf, paddle tennis), scanners 3D Scan Sport Podoactiva®, a central design and manufacture of personalized templates, as well as supply logistics to all clinics.
  • Victor Alfaro receives the 2010 Aragones Young Entrepreneur Award and Second prize for Innovation in the National Young Entrepreneur Award His Royal Highness Prince Philip.
  • Patent of the Podoactiva Ski template.
  • Together with the Aragonese Footwear Cluster (CLAC) we contribute to the launch of the innovative Airsoul System in templates.
  • We open the first own center in Madrid, Podoactiva Premier, on Capitán Haya street.
  • We are a technological developer in R + D + i of the Aragonese Footwear Cluster.
  • We carry out children's footwear development projects in collaboration with the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV).
  • We received in Madrid the Aragonex Award in the R&D section.
  • Which gives nationally patented the system called 3D Scan Sport Podoactiva®. It is complemented by the creation of a proprietary design software and treatment of the insole from the virtual mold obtained from the foot for later robotic manufacturing by milling in a solid piece of exclusive material of carbon polypropylene alloy (Podoactiva Dynamic and Podoactiva Elastic).
  • Begin construction of the new headquarters in the Walqa Technology Park.
  • We started the research for the manufacture of ski specific insoles in collaboration with the professional Mr. Rafael Arpal.
  • We started the national expansion of Podoactiva to provide services of chiropody y biomechanics in hospitals and health centers of reference Madrid, Logroño, Zaragoza, Palma de Majorca, etc
  • We started, together with the Aragon Engineering Research Institute (i3A), a development project for a new way of scanning and manufacturing custom templates using new materials.
  • Creation of the image and brand PODOACTIVE.
  • We present the Mobile unit, a pioneering service that aims to bring podiatric services and treatments to rural areas with a lack of these services, with the same quality commitment.
  • During the early years, we expand coverage of services throughout the province of Huesca, specializing in biomechanical gait studies and treatments en forma de custom templates.
  • Podoactiva takes over the Podiatry and Biomechanics Unit of the Quirón de Zargoza Clinic.