Children's Podiatry

At Podoactiva we are specialists in child podiatry and we have specific protocols for the diagnosis and pathologies of the foot and gait in children.

It is really important to maintain a monitoring the evolution of children's footfall, because detecting a pathology in time can make the difference between applying a treatment to solve that problem or not.

If proper diagnosis and treatment are carried out early, most foot and gait problems can be solved by simple treatments as drill adapted, custom templates and splints, among others.


Even if no abnormality is detected in the child's gait, it is important to perform a biomechanical study of the tread. Children's feet are constantly evolving and are very elastic. Perhaps at first they do not report any pain, but it is better to make sure that the child is walking properly and carry out periodic check-ups.

Most common problems in children:

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