Chiropody for day to day

The feet are one of the parts most important of the body, and at the same time one of the most forgotten. They support our weight and carry us to our destination but, Do we take care of them in the right way?

It is advisable to visit podiatric specialists at least once a year so that they can assess the suitability of our footprint, from the childhood, when it is easier to correct problems, until the old age, since our feet also age and suffer deformations.


We not only have to watch our feet, but also our footwear. A large percentage of people wear a shoe that is smaller than they should. Small details, such as a very narrow toe, not hitting the size, poorly breathable materials or an excessive heel, can cause pathologies on our feet like the feared Juanetesclaw toes or Calluses. Our experts in podiatry will help you in choosing the most suitable footwear for the way you step.

If our tread is not adequate, it not only affects our feet, but our entire body. The joints that can suffer the most in relation to a defective gait are the tobilloknee and hip. In the same way, many of the muscles that are inserted in the leg have another insert in the foot. This means that certain ways of stepping can generate muscle overloads, generated by the way of stepping. 

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