Throughout our lives our feet will bear a great weight. At each step we take, our foot supports between 2 and 4 times the weight of our body. It is estimated that a normal person (not an elite athlete) can take the same amount of steps that would circle the world 4 times in the course of his life.

Our feet are the only thing that we use to support ourselves on the ground and how we do it will influence the rest of the osteoarticular and muscular system. Sometimes discomfort or injuries that appear in remote areas of the foot may be caused by the shape of our feet or our by the way we step (eg back pains, muscle overload, etc).

Foot care is indicated at all ages, but both in our childhood (for the possibility of preventive treatments) as well as when we are old (due to degradation and chronic diseases) is particularly important.

Some of the most frequently treated pathologies are:

- plantar fasciitis
– heel spur
- metatarsals
– instability
- knee pathology
– muscle overload(calf, lumbar, hamstrings)
– sprays
– Morton's neuroma
– calluses
– papilloma
– onychomycosis, providing laser treatment for nail fungus
– Treatment of ingrown nails (where necessary making the final nail treatment by mobile surgery)

We have 2 ways of treating these pathologies:

  • Through our bio-mechanical department performing bio-mechanical studies and using Podoactiva's Elite Sport or Comfort Line insoles. These treatments can even be worn with Podoactiva Elite Woman heel shoes or incorporate them into a custom made one.
  • Through the Chiropody Department, where we have the latest equipment for foot care and maintenance.

The foot is prone to suffering alterations throughout our lives, therefore, it is advisable to visit podiatric specialists at least once a year so that they can assess the suitability of our footprint, from the childhood, when it is easier to correct problems, until the old age, since our feet also age and suffer deformations.


We not only have to watch our feet, but also our footwear. A large percentage of people wear a shoe that is smaller than they should. Small details, such as a very narrow toe, not hitting the size, poorly breathable materials or an excessive heel, can cause pathologies on our feet like the feared Juanetes, claw toes or calluses. Our podiatry experts will help you choose the most suitable footwear for your way of walking.


If our tread is not adequate, it not only affects our feet, but our entire body. The joints that can suffer the most in relation to a defective gait are the tobillo, knee and hip. In the same way, many of the muscles that are inserted in the leg, have another insertion in the foot. This means that certain ways of stepping can generate muscular overloads, generated by the way of stepping. Therefore, tread well and live better.

Our Podoactiva specialists in podiatry and biomechanics are present in more than 150 points in Spain.


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