Corporate Identity


We are a biotechnology Company specialized in podiatry and biomechanics, which strives to improve people’s quality of life by improving their gait, applying the knowledge and experience of our multidisciplinary team and technological innovation for the diagnosis, design and manufacture of personalized treatments.



To be, in all the markets where we have a presence, the point of reference for the biomechanical treatment of gait to improve health and professional sportspeople’s performance. Therefore being able to offer all our clients personalized products of the highest precision, both through their development and manufacture with our patented technology as through the application of contrasting monitoring protocols, which guarantee the best outcome for the treatment and allow the continued development of our professionals and the enrichment of structured knowledge within the organization.



In Podoactiva we work to help people and improve their quality of life.

We want to reach out to everybody, so one of the contributions we make is the mobile unit, with which we provide service in villages where before it was difficult to have access to a podiatrist. We should guarantee maximum quality of the treatments we offer to achieve excellence. The technology used throughout the process, the specialized training of our personnel and the multidisciplinary team of people at Podoactiva are fundamental for our growth. Moreover, communication and the transfer of interdepartmental knowledge are vital to situate Podoactiva at the head of innovation. The commitment to the environment is also something which concerns us, so part of  I+D+i  is dedicated to processes of improvement in the use of products and materials which respect the environment and people.



-Excellence and commitment

-Professionalism and rigour



-Continuous innovation.