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Podiatric clinics in Salamanca

C/ Maldonado Ocampo, 20.

37005, Salamanca

Podiatry in Salamanca

Podoactiva is present in Salamanca with several units in which, in addition to the usual treatments for your feet, we have everything you need for biomechanical studies more complete at the hands of our podiatric experts.


In our podiatric clinics in Salamanca we monitor the different pathologies that can occur in your feet or in the tread, through our treatments and biomechanical studies of footfall and gait


The employment of running and the latest scanners and systems allow us to carry out a more complex study on the sporting gesture and some physical activities, becoming a reference in sports podiatry in Salamanca, as well as child podiatry and podiatry in older people.

The health of your footprint in the best hands.