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Podiatry clinics in Almería

Podoactiva units located in top-level hospitals, health centers and referral clinics. They have our patented technology for biomechanical gait and foot studies, prescription of custom insoles and other podiatric services, always carried out by Podoactiva professionals.

Calle Rafael Alberti 13.

04004, Almeria

podiatry in almería

En Almería We are one step away from you. We have a team of expert podiatrists that will be able to attend you in a personalized way and offer you the best diagnosis for your feet.

In our facilities Almería you will find the best treatments for different podiatric pathologies and flatfoot, dig foot, claw toes, Plantar fasciitis, ingrown nail, mushrooms, papillomas o Juanetes, among others.

In addition, our specialists are benchmarks in the biomechanical study of the tread, pedicure, and in the treatment of custom templates Podoactiva, as well as in other foot care specialized in sports podiatry, child podiatry y podiatry in the elderly.

partners has in Almería the most innovative means in podiatric and biomechanical treatment, applying the most advanced technology.

The health of your footprint in the best hands.