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Podiatry clinics in Milan

Podiatry in Milan

Podoactiva becomes the reference center for podiatry and biomechanics in Italy thanks to our Polyambulatory Podoactiva Milano. We put our exclusive and patented technology at the service of our patients in order to avoid and solve different pathologies related to the feet and tread.


El biomechanical study of the tread, custom templates and clinical podiatry treatments (hardness, callusesEtc.). are some of our treatments, thanks to which we can avoid or solve problems such as Plantar fasciitisback, knee or hip pain, mushrooms, papillomas, claw toes, among many others.


At Podoactiva we have our own protocols that make us specialists and world leaders in child podiatry, sports podiatry, for the elderly and for daily life. 

The health of your footprint in the best hands.