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Podiatry clinics in Puebla

Podoactiva units located in top-level hospitals, health centers and referral clinics. They have our patented technology for biomechanical gait and foot studies, prescription of custom insoles and other podiatric services, always carried out by Podoactiva professionals.

Podoactiva Elite Units: The Podoactiva Units are equipped with an indoor track and an instrumented treadmill for running analysis, and Younext 4D systems for complex studies of gait, sports gestures and certain physical activities.

20 West No. 628

Col. San Nicolas 75710, Tehuacan

Podiatry in Puebla

Podoactiva is present in Mexico with the latest technology in podiatry and biomechanics. We make available to our patients several reference points in the country with their own protocols developed by Podoactiva on child podiatry, sports podiatry, podiatry for the elderly and podiatry for daily life.


Thanks to our commitment to constant innovation, we improve all our processes such as biomechanical study of the tread and custom templates. This treatment helps us prevent, treat and correct pathologies such as Plantar fasciitis, back, hip or knee pain, muscle loads, calcaneal spurs, repetitive sprains, tendinitis, metatarsalgia, etc.


In addition, our clinics are equipped with cabinets pedicure to treat problems and alterations in the feet such as calluses, hardness, mushrooms in the nails, papillomas, ingrown nails, etc.


The health of your footprint in the best hands.