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Podiatry clinics in Ávila

Podoactiva units located in top-level hospitals, health centers and referral clinics. They have our patented technology for biomechanical gait and foot studies, prescription of custom insoles and other podiatric services, always carried out by Podoactiva professionals.

Podoactiva Elite Units: The Podoactiva Units are equipped with an indoor track and an instrumented treadmill for running analysis, and Younext 4D systems for complex studies of gait, sports gestures and certain physical activities.

Avda Patrimony of Humanity 4, Portal 3, 2°B. 05004, Avila 

Podiatry in ÁVILA

Castilla y Leon has the services of Podoactiva in several of its provinces. In our podiatric clinic in Ávila we put at your disposal a team of expert podiatrists who will advise you on the most optimal treatments for your podiatric pathologies.

footing problems, Calluses, mushrooms, Juanetes, Plantar fasciitis, ingrown toenails… whatever your problem is, the team of podiatrists in Ávila who work at our Podoactiva clinic will find the best solution for your feet.

Avoid injuries and muscle damage and ask for advice on custom templates or specific treatments. We also carry out studies of child podiatry y sports podiatry in Avila, as well as chiropody in older people. In the latter case, we have specific protocols to treat the diabetic foot and all its complications such as ulcers, and we treat all kinds of derived pathologies.

The health of your footprint in the best hands.