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Podiatry clinics in Toledo

Podoactiva units located in top-level hospitals, health centers and referral clinics. They have our patented technology for biomechanical gait and foot studies, prescription of custom insoles and other podiatric services, always carried out by Podoactiva professionals.

Podoactiva Elite Units: The Podoactiva Units are equipped with an indoor track and an instrumented treadmill for running analysis, and Younext 4D systems for complex studies of gait, sports gestures and certain physical activities.

Descent from Castilla-La Mancha 3.

45003, Toledo

Paris Street 10.

45003, Toledo

Avda. IV Centennial 70a.

45800, Quintanar of the Order (Toledo)

Podiatry in Toledo

Podiatry clinics in Toledo that Podoactiva makes available to all users are located in reference hospitals and health centers in the city, where you can enjoy the better technology.

With several Podoactiva units in the capital of Castilla La Mancha, we use our patented technology to offer the best podiatric services in Toledo. Discover the biomechanical studies of gait and gait, analyzing the foot next to the knee, hip or spine to prevent injuries and muscle damage.

You can also find all kinds of services for other pathologies, such as removing mushrooms, the tratment of Calluses, Juanetes o Plantar fasciitis, flat feet, cavus feet and the prescription of custom templates.

If what worries you are the studies for sports gestures, at Podoactiva we are experts in this type of follow-up, and you will find our services of sports podiatry in Toledo.

The health of your footprint in the best hands.