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Podiatry clinics in Murcia

C/ Alejandro Seiquer 15.

30001, Murcia

Podiatry in Murcia

With Podoactiva Clinic Murcia and the different units of the region put all the knowledge of our experts in chiropody, biomechanics y health.

In addition, the clinic has different collaboration agreements with the main sports entities in the region, becoming a center specialized in sports podiatry in Murcia.

Our podiatrists in Murcia work daily in Podoactiva Clinic Murcia caring for dozens of patients in cases related to the biomechanical study of the tread, pedicure, treatment of custom templates, mushrooms, papillomas and other foot care, such as cases of claw toes, Plantar fasciitis o Juanetes.


With an indoor track of 12 meters, and the last generation technology of foot scanning, the sports gesture is studied in high performance tests to take care of the health and the tread of all athletes in the region, becoming a reference in sports podiatry in Murcia.

The health of your footprint in the best hands.

Podoactiva units in Murcia

Located in top-level referral hospitals, health centers and clinics, they have our patented technology for biomechanical gait and foot studies, prescription of custom insoles and other podiatric services, always carried out by Podoactiva professionals.

Avda. Rio Segura 10, Low.

30002, Murcia

C/ Alameda de Cervantes 60.

30800, Lorca (Murcia)

C/ Generación del 27 Bajo -Corner, C/ Architect Justo Millán.

30510, Yecla (Murcia)