Podoactiva Podiatric Clinics

Podoactiva Podiatry Clinics
Podoactiva Podiatry Clinics

Podoactiva Clinic

Highly specialized clinics devoted entirely to biomechanics and all kinds of podiatric treatments, marked by the innovation of their spaces and with the quality guarantee of Podoactiva. They are clinics at street level that have large biomechanics rooms, tests for running analysis, Younext 4D systems for complex studies of the sporting gesture, consultations for chiropodies and podiatric treatments, and in some of them, operating rooms for surgical interventions of the foot with minimally invasive high precision surgery.

Podoactive Unit

Located in top-level reference hospitals, health centers and clinics, they have our patented technology to carry out biomechanical studies of gait and tread, the prescription of personalized insoles and other podiatric services, always performed by Podoactiva professionals.