Book "Everything begins with a step"

All profits generated by copyright will go to social projects of the Podoactiva Foundation.

It all starts with one step is the first book of Victor Alfaro, general director of Podoactiva and podiatrist of Real Madrid CF, in which everything there is to know about the foot care, especially for athletes and runners. These pages cover topics such as the anatomy of the foot, how to choose the most appropriate shoe, problems and pathologies that affect this part of the body, tips for runners, the importance of stepping to avoid injuries, essential aspects of podiatry child, etc.

From Podoactiva Foundation, and thanks to the sale of the book "It all starts with one step", all profits generated by copyright are allocated to social projects in help of children in Ethiopia with the Entarachen Vols Foundation, Y indian children, through the project "football is life".

It all starts with a step hides a surprise for the reader, since each image with the symbol of a telephone takes you to a video of augmented reality that gives you additional information to what you can find in that chapter.

Elite athletes like Nacho Fernández, Real Madrid CF player, and David Villa, former player of the Spanish Soccer Team; and athletes like Chema Martínez and Jesús García Bragado bring their testimony and experience in the book, as well as characters from the world of communication, cinema and music such as Cristina Mitre, author of “Mujeres que corren”, the humorist José Mota, the actress and athlete Mariam Hernández, and the singer David Bisbal.

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The book is distributed in all big chains (The Amazon, House of the book, English court, Fnac, etc.) and in independent bookstores in Spain, as well as in our Podoactiva's own clinics. It can also be purchased at Ebook version.