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Younext Bike, the most complete biomechanical study for the cyclist

Younext Bike was born with the aim of taking advantage of all the experience accumulated by Podoactiva in consultation protocols, sports, health and biomechanical studies.

It is a system that applies technology to the study of the cyclist's physiological parameters, improving performance and efficiency. One of the advantages is that it benefits the athlete's participation in planning their training, in addition to improving comfort, preventing injuries and bad posture. 

For two years, Podoactiva has been working on this project in order to offer the highest technology and the most innovative system applied to the biomechanical study of the cyclist. In addition to assessing the anthropometric parameters of the cyclist to improve their performance, it takes into account the musculature and conditions of the patient. It is a balance between performance and health.

The athlete Eliseo Martín and the athlete and coach Phondy, during their biomechanical study with the Younext Bike system

It is essential to carry out a physiotherapeutic examination and an anthropometric analysis, before putting the patient on the bicycle, to obtain the specific anatomical measurements that determine the correct starting position based on the patient's bone structure. After this process, thanks to a 3D kinematic analysis, an objective evaluation of the pedaling is carried out, which also specifies the direction and power of the applied force. The pressure analysis system analyzes in real time the distribution of pressure exerted on the three points of contact between the cyclist and the bicycle: saddle, handlebars and pedals.

Thanks to the mechanized bicycle on which all the tests are carried out, any position can be simulated based on three key points: saddle, handlebars and pedals. Then, the rest of the body is assessed through a 4D system (Younext4D Motion Capture Analysis) with 6 cameras that dynamically analyze movements without the need for external sensors. The last step is to adjust the optimal measurements obtained during the study to the patient's bicycle.

Presentation to the media of the Younext Bike system at the Podoactiva headquarters


Currently, this system is already implemented in the Gipúzkoa Elite San Sebastián Polyclinic and in the Podoactiva headquarters, in the Walqa Technology Park (Huesca). Over the next year, the Younext Bike network will be extended to the leading Podoactiva clinics on the national scene. 

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  • Nacho Modinos
    Posted at 18: 01h, 26 December Reply

    Hi, I'm from Cantabria and
    Hello, I am from Cantabria and I would like to know the cost of the cycling biomechanical study that they carry out, and in which centers they do it.

    • partners
      Posted at 11:30 a.m., April 01 Reply

      Good morning, you can find
      Good morning, you can find the biomechanical study of the bike in the elite center of San Sebastián and in the central headquarters of Podoactiva, in the Walqa Technology Center. We are currently in the process of implementing YounextBike in other Podoactiva centers. The price of the bike study is €230. You can find more information at http://www.younextbike.com/

  • Vicente Lopez
    Posted at 19: 43h, 28 March Reply

    I have time in Huesca on 16-04-16 and I have several questions to consult. ..could you contact me?

    • partners
      Posted at 11:33 a.m., April 01 Reply

      Good morning, Vincent.
      Good morning, Vincent.
      You can consult all your doubts by sending an email to info@podoactiva.com or by calling 974 23 12 80 Greetings!

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