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We leave a mark on the Valencia Marathon as official providers of podiatry and biomechanics

partners and Valencian Foot Institute have been present at the Valencia Marathon and official providers of podiatry and biomechanics.

It is one of the Sports events most important to national and international level in which this year records have been broken again with 21.654 finishers of the 23.670 participants who picked up the number.

As official suppliers, we are delighted to take care of the feet and the tread of all the participants, since we have accompanied their steps throughout the year and will continue to accompany them during the first quarter of 2020.

From Podoactiva and the Valencian Foot Institute, we believe that it is very important check the tread before running a sports eventbut it is also essential visit the podiatrist after to avoid injury.

All the runners of the marathon and of any of the tests included in the event will be able to carry out a biomechanical study of the footprint at a reduced price at the Valencian Foot Institute by presenting the bracelet.


Jairo CasalResponsible for Podoactiva Valencia, gave two talks at "beginner's corner" on importance of the study of the footprint y basic tips for foot care in athletes.

These two days, which were attended by more than 350 people, aimed to give the 3.800 new runners a series of useful tips to help them reach the finish line.


Specifically, Jairo Casal highlighted these 5 recommendations In addition to presenting theSmart Insole Podoactiva", The first custom smart template from the story:

1. take care of your footsteps. The way of stepping has a direct relationship with the injuries of an athlete and pain in the knee, hip, back, etc.

2. Be careful with your nails. Cutting the nails correctly is of great importance, do it in square shape, no corners because this can cause ingrown nails (fingernails).

3. Check your feet after training. never neglect a wound or blister, no matter how small. The hygiene in the feet is very important and an infection in them can have harmful consequences.

We invite you to read our article “Blisters in running. Causes and treatments for runners feet".

4. Keep your shoes and feet dry. When you finish running, take out the sneaker insoles for them to air out. If your feet have a tendency to sweat, use talc during the day and avoid humidity to prevent the appearance of fungi and bacteria.

5. Hydrate your feet at night with podiatric creams. Don't forget to moisturize your feet every night by massaging them. Ideally, do it with a specific cream.

Going to the podiatrist to check your feet is essential before and after running a race.



On the other hand, our experts in sports podiatry were present at the runner's fair, where they made demonstrations of the biomechanical study of the tread to all attendees.

It has been a pleasure to carry out various actions throughout the year and accompany the steps of a benchmark event in the Spanish sports scene.

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