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Podoactiva watches over the steps of the 12 finalist teams of a historic ACB League

Our technology y Professionals of Podoactiva are present in the outcome of the ACB League at the service of the 12 teams that compete in the Final phase until next June 30, 2020, with Valencia as the only venue.

 Podoactiva, official podiatry and biomechanics service in the Final Phase of the ACB League.

In an atypical season conditioned by the COVID-19 crisis, our basketball has found one unique and spectacular formula to finish the 2019/2020 academic year, which has the Podoactiva podiatry and biomechanics services to take those steps safely.

L'Alqueria del Basket, the training and performance center promoted in Valencia, has become these days the Spanish basketball epicenter, with its facilities and services dedicated to caring for and welcoming the finalist teams. L'Alqueria has incorporated a state-of-the-art medical center on one of its nine indoor courts to comply with the strict health protocol that has been defined for a safe development of the competition.


In this video you can see the new facilities where the professionals of the ACB League receive podiatric care.



Inside that medical center, partners has installed a complete unit to provide podiatry and biomechanics services, with two podiatrists in front of it. The unit has the worldwide exclusive and patented technology, with tracks and treadmills for walking and running, pressure platform with 3D Scan Sport Podoactiva system to perform the biomechanical study of gait and foot scan; a podiatry treatment room and a printer 3D to manufacture robotically, and through processes of AIother products like wearing masks o splints.


Victor Alfaro, CEO of Podoactiva, has indicated that "we are very happy to put our grain of sand by what is basketball season can finish. L'Alqueria is an international reference and the medical Center that has been installed in record time is spectacular".

Podoactiva is the official supplier of three of the teams in competition: Valencia Basket, Casademont Zaragoza and MoraBanc Andorra.

For its part, Jairo Casal, responsible for Podoactiva Valencia, has highlighted that "we have a very complete unit to make available to players all our services and all our technology. After a few very hard months, this is going to be a basketball party and we are very proud to be able to contribute”.

Full interview with Jairo Casal

Thank you very much for trusting us and good luck to all the teams!


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