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Podoactiva renews its commitment to Paralympic sport and will accompany the Spanish Team to Tokyo

partners will continue to take care of paralympic athletes, who after four years of work, effort and self-improvement now face the final stretch facing the Tokyo Games, postponed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 crisis. We have renewed the collaboration agreement with the Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE) including new services and thus reinforcing our commitment to the Paralympic Movement and with the spanish athletes, whom we will accompany to Tokyo.

Podoactiva will continue as the official supplier of the Spanish Paralympic Committee until 2024

With this alliance, we continue to be official provider of podiatry and biomechanics of the CPE until 2024, after the Paralympic Games in Paris, giving continuity to a relationship that has been very beneficial for both parties. Especially for Spanish athletes, who will continue to have our innovative services based on our world patented technologyLike biomechanical study of the tread or custom templates, among others.

The renewal has been announced in a act which has been attended by Miguel Carballeda, president of the Spanish Paralympic Committee, and Victor Alfaro, CEO of Podoactiva.

“Make available to our athletes the best services and professionals It is an objective and an obligation for us”, he declared. Miguel Carballeda, who added that “collaboration with partners has been helpful from the start and we look forward to keep working together for many years".

For its part, Victor Alfaro has indicated that “we feel part of the Spanish Paralympic sport family and even more so now, in these moments of difficulty for all. we want to add our grain of sand to enjoy some Successful Paralympics".

In this way, we strengthen our bond in a context of uncertainty in the face of the consequences of the pandemic that has caused the postponement of the Paralympic Games.

If you want to know how it was signature actdon't miss the next one video:


The technology and innovation of Podoactiva, at the service of Paralympic athletes

El agreement renewed until 2024 makes available to Paralympic athletes the Podoactiva services and treatments, unique and innovative as they are based on worldwide exclusive and patented technology.

as main new products, athletes will have access to custom products and accessories made with 3D processes by younext, Podoactiva's biotechnology brand, as face masks, splints, lasts and the like.

Another great innovation will come from the Smart Insole Podoactiva, The world's first smart insoles, which will allow monitor in real time data on the athlete's footprint, optimizing decision making around sports preparation, recovery, treatment or performance, among many other key aspects. The next commercialization of these insoles, along with other novelties in the field of podiatry and biomechanics, will be milestones that will contribute to help our Paralympic athletes on the final stretch of the road to Tokyo and throughout the cycle that will lead to the Paris Games in 2024.

Thank you very much for trusting us, it is a real pleasure to accompany you until 2024!

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