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Podoactiva organizes the sports day of the Challenge For You, the I Cooperative Social Responsibility Program

The importance of keeping a healthy feet and the care of aspects such as stepped or use of suitable shoes have focused the fifth meeting of the I Cooperative Social Responsibility Program For You, which we have organized with the aim of disseminating healthy living tips and habits among the Aragonese.



The Por Ti Program today has traveled to the La Granja Sports Center by the hand of one of the best Aragonese athletes and Podoactiva patient for many years, the Olympic runner Isabel Macías, who has given a true practical masterclass on “how to run well” to the leaders of Libelium, Pikolin, Rosemary Pasta, Lunares and Quirónsalud.



The "Ambassadors” of the participating companies have also acquired a series of healthy habits in el care of our feet such as tread, the right footwear or good hydration.



"For partners it is a privilege to share a program with important Aragonese companies. Innovation and technology are important in our activity, but above all there are the someone, and the healthy habits of our workers are important to us”, he explained Victor Alfaro, CEO of Podoactiva. In addition, he highlighted, in reference to today's meeting, "the importance of foot care and knowing how to step well as factors that affect the well-being and health of a person.



In addition to the expert's advice, the participants of the XNUMXst Por Ti Program "put on their shoes" and have carried out a practical session with Isabel Macías where they have learned some basic aspects when starting running as the best way to step, the use of suitable shoes and socks or the essential hygiene of the feet.



The Aragonese athlete has offered a series of basic tips to the participants in this meeting, "maintain some honest and realistic goals with oneself, have a suitable footwear and a clothes that breathe good, a good one hydration and, above all, that we are capable of enjoy”. Macías recalled that "we must pay all our attention to the heating, essential in the running since it activates us at a muscular and cardiovascular level”.


the olympic athlete Isabel Macias has "taught how to run well" to the ambassadors of the various companies participating in the Program for you


In addition, the fifth challenge has been launched "Stepping strong", through the huntet app with the aim of promoting the care of that important part of our body that are the feet when doing physical exercise.


To participate you are invited to upload photos practicing a sport in which feet and tread be the most important and choose, thus, to win Podoactiva custom templates, for an biomechanical study of gait in the facilities of Podoactiva Sagasta Clinic in Zaragoza, the book "It all starts with one step" and a lot of experiences.



It has been a pleasure to participate in the I Cooperative Social Responsibility Program and share challenges with leading companies of our land.


Thank you very much for participating and for letting us step strong with you!



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