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Podoactiva and the MQ Reus Center present the new podiatry and biomechanics unit

Podoactiva and the MQ Reus Center have presented a new unit that offers a pioneering podiatry and biomechanics service in the Camp de Tarragona. This agreement represents a breakthrough in precision, agility and comfort for the patient.


we take our technology to the reference unit in Reus”

Podoactiva and the MQ Reus Center have presented a pioneering digital podiatry service.


“With our service we improve the quality of life thanks to the diagnosis of our podiatrists, which allows us to prevent and treat pathologies both in athletes and in any patient”, he declared. Miguel will go up, manager of Podoactiva. In addition, the importance of bringing technology to the reference unit in Reus has been highlighted, "coordinating with areas such as traumatology, sports medicine or pediatrics".


The service will be up and running soon.


The Podoactiva devices that are going to be used in the facilities allow the footprint analysis and pressure distribution. The objective is to detect possible pathologies, present or future, and design personalized treatments. In addition, patients at the MQ Reus Center will be able to benefit from the latest printing technology 3D that allows templates to be designed with a virtual mold that eliminates the margin of error that traditional systems have.


With this agreement, Podoactiva maintains its position in Reus as referent at the national level of podiatry. The service has been active at full capacity for several weeks.

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