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Fundación Podoactiva joins the Xacobeo year and takes care of the feet of the pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago

From our Podoactiva Foundation along with the Association of Municipalities of the Camino de Santiago (AMCS) we have presented the project:At the feet of the pilgrim: Mobile Unit for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago".

The initiative has been launched and will tour the hostels for a month, with the aim of reaching more places and pilgrims on the Camino Frances thanks to the Association of Municipalities of the Camino de Santiago.

El act has taken place in the Monte do Gozo Pilgrim Hostel and was attended by Antonio Leira, provincial deputy of A Coruña; Manuel Taboada, mayor of O Pino; Xose Igrexas, deputy mayor of Melide; Y Miguel will go up, managing director of Podoactiva.

Through this initiative, with the support of the A Coruña Provincial Council and the AMCS, we put our Mobile unit completely equipped and the knowledge of our professionals at the disposal of Pilgrims on the Camino Frances de Santiago, giving them practical tips to take care of your feet on your journey and trying to relieve ailments arising as a result of its long route.

The institutions involved in the initiative have decided to install the Mobile Unit in the last stages of the Camino, a time when pilgrims often wear many days and kilometers behind his back, and physical deterioration of your feet may require podiatric and health care that allow them to conclude, without too much suffering, their walk to Santiago.

In this way, the Mobile unit has moved from our headquarters in Huesca, where during each year we lend Podiatric coverage for some 6.000 people in more than 150 locations with difficulties in accessing health services and treatments, to shelters in the municipalities of Melide, Arzúa, O Pino and Santiago de Compostela.

It should be noted that a new unit  in 2020 and has the latest technology. The treatment quality is identical to that of our Podoactiva clinics, because our goal is to transfer the query to "the door of the house". The unit has a waiting room, apodiatric illum with state-of-the-art polishing and suction systems, air conditioning and lighting that meets the same standards as clinics.

The Mobile Unit has the latest technology in clinical podiatry and we follow rigorous sterilization protocols for all instruments.

Miguel will go up, managing director of Podoactiva, wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to show the pride that it supposes for us to participate in activities of a social nature. In addition, he wanted to thank the good understanding with all the entities that are part of the project, highlighting the collaboration between the public sector and private companies in initiatives of this type, which generate value to society.

During the presentation, Manuel Taboada, mayor of O Pino and member of the AMCS, was grateful that this activity, "which puts the focus once again on the pilgrims and on offer you the best possible services”, falls on the municipalities of A Coruña, thanks to the involvement of the Provincial Council of A Coruña for launching a project of the Association of Municipalities that integrates 107 of them throughout the French Way.

For its part, Xose Igrexias, deputy mayor of Melide, indicated that “this initiative has its roots in the care work that was carried out in many of the monasteries and hostels with the washing of the feet of the pilgrims”. "The traditional welcome to the pilgrim transferred to the XNUMXst century is what brings us here today," stressed the mayor of Melide.

Finally, Antonio Leira, deputy of the Treasury of the Deputación da Coruña has stated that the influx of visitors to the French Way justifies the need to attend to the needs of pilgrims to improve their experience on the Camino. In addition, the provincial deputy has highlighted the support of the Provincial Council to the Association of Municipalities of the Camino de Santiago, which carries out an important work of disseminating the Camino and is an example of collaboration between the different administrations.

It is a pleasure to put all our resources and our technology to offer the best foot care for pilgrims who finish the Camino de Santiago!

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