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Podoactiva, official sponsor of the XNUMXnd edition of the Arguis Perimetrail

Effort and overcoming are the two aspects that characterized the II edition of the Perimetrail of Arguis, in which they participated 829 trail runners. The athletes toured the Arguis and Nueno mountains enjoying a weekend sport and nature were also protagonists.


More than 600 runners crossed the Podoactiva finish line finishing one of the three distances.





La trail test, from which we became again Official sponsor, was organized by the Association of Trail Huesca GR11en11 and had the support of the municipalities from both towns in Huesca and the rest of the brands and collaborators.





Javier alfaro, technical director and co-founder of Podoactiva, stated that "it has been a pleasure support this sporting event again which places the Sierra de Guara on the map of trail running. Also, I was able enjoy it in first person, running the Perimetrail of Arguis".


Javier Alfaro in Perimetrail


Alfaro also emphasized the good organization and good atmosphere there was, emphasizing that "it would not have been possible without the volunteers, who have been willing to help at all times; and of course without the organizers, whom I want to congratulate. Preparing a test of such magnitude is not easy, you have to be brave, congratulations and thank you!".


Nearly 100 volunteers made it possible for the competition to take place, passing the three tests successfully.


Furthermore, the Association of Trail Huesca GR11en11 wanted to give thanks to all the participants and companies who collaborated as Podoactive. “This dream would not have come true without them.. Everybody you are the protagonists of this story."


Arguis Perimetrail organizers




This second edition was divided into three races: the Trail of Calms, 14 kilometers; own Perimetrail of Arguis, with 30 kilometers travel; and, as a novelty, the Nueno Ultra Perimetrail, with a 66 kilometers through the mountains of Guara.




Alexander the Great, breaking all the expected records, crossed the Podoactiva finish line arch in 7:16:12.99Followed by Diego Arroyo (7:36:08.57), and Nacho Cabal (7: 51: 26.33) and Oscar Puyuelo (7:51:27.45), who crossed at the same time.


Ultraperimetrail 2022 podium


In the female category, Yasmina Castro with 8:46:01.71 climbed to the top of the podium, along with Elizabeth Rios (8: 52: 14.62) and Laia Gilibets (9: 51: 03.44).


Women's Ultraperimetrail Podium


The Nueno Ultra Perimetrail is included as one of the tests to form the team that will represent our country in the 2022 ISF World Championship.




Jose Luis Calvo (2: 54: 45.63), Javier Cabestre (2: 55: 05.49) and Alberto Torres (3:01:10.55) were the fastest in the 30-kilometre course.


Arguis Perimeter Podium 2022


Sarah Ugarte (3: 40: 21.98), Laura Labarta (3: 47: 20.42) and Yaiza Minana (3:49:05.70) the medals of the Perimetrail of Arguis.


Women's podium Perimetrail de Arguis 2022




Alberto Lasobras with a time of 1:08:55.32 he took the Las Calmas Trail. They accompanied him David Arbues (1: 10: 09.04) and  Serrano serrano (1: 11: 27.68).


Las Calmas Trail Podium 2022


Carrodilla Halter arrived in 1:19:56.42 and, behind, Paula Mata (1: 22: 25.39) and Ainhoa ​​Elizabethor (1:23:03.57) with two spectacular times.


Women's podium of Trail de las Calmas 2022


Congratulations to all the winners and participants who passed the test!


In the three routes of Perimetrail 2022, the runners feet were protagonists, since the tests were characterized by unevenness and hardness of the terrain. For this reason, we made available to the participants our Podoactive Mobile Unit to treat the injuries that appeared during the race.


Podoactiva Mobile Unit attending to runners of the Perimetrail de Arguis 2022


In our Podoactiva Mobile Unit we assisted all the runners who needed it at various points along the route.


On the other hand, our professionals were also present at the arrival to care for and treat the foot problems of the trail runners during both days.


Podiatry care at the Arguis Perimetrail


Blisters, scratches, nail problems and foot injuries were the most frequent pathologies among trail runners.


Victor Alfaro from Podoactiva attending the Perimetrail de Arguis 2022


But our professionals not only provided podiatric care, this edition also we participate in the Perimetrail of Arguis with our Podoactiva team formed by Javier alfaro, Chuso García Bragado, Angel Peguero y Lucia Esco.


Podoactiva team in the Perimetrail of Arguis


Social commitment and solidarity were present, helping the Izas Association, the Pea Princess.


Izas, the pea princess


Thank you all so much for participating, see you next year!

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