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The feet in the dance. Most frequent injuries in dancers and how to prevent them

La dance It is a discipline characterized by vigorous and energetic movements, and for the extreme positions that the dancer performs with his feet, fundamental part of the body in this sport. This situation causes a lot Stress, both in the joints and in the upper musculoskeletal structures, which can end up causing pain and even generate injury.


In dance, the feet are supported for a long time on the tips of the fingers, in the area of ​​the pads and with the ankle in a position of extreme extension, with sudden changes in posture and artistic gestures.


Feet of a dancing ballerina with ballet shoes




Among the most common ailments that can produce dance movements are:


  • pain in the sole of the foot, either at the level of the heel, the arch or the front
  • Sprains repeating
  • Overloads Muscle
  • chafing
  • calluses
  • tendinitis
  • Bursitis
  • ingrown nails
  • digital deformities as claw toes or Juanetes
  • And many more functions


In addition, to these injuries we must add the joint wear and deformities that with the passage of time the feet can suffer.


All this makes continuous foot care essential for amateur and professional dancers, as well as their supervision and follow-up by podiatry professionals.

Infographic of the most common pains and injuries in dance




Addition fundamental tips given by dance teachers and professionals such as stretching, warm-ups, correct positions and postures, suitable footwear y do not force our body, from Podoactiva we recommend the podiatrist visit to learn firsthand how we tread and how we can prevent frequent injuries in this sport.


Therefore, a expert in podiatry and biomechanics will take care of:


1. Sessions pedicure regularly to prevent the formation of hardness y calluses in the areas with more pressure receive from the bones and shoes, as well as control the development of the Nails and monitor the general condition of the feet skin.


2. Perform a full biomechanical study to know the health of the feet and the tread of the dancer through tests walking, running and performing some of the basic movements of the discipline. 


El biomechanical study It is made up of analysis in stretcher, pressure platform (static and dynamic) and high-speed filming, Among others.


Chiropody and a biomechanical study of the footprint will be essential to improve sports performance and prevent future foot injuries


Dance dancer at Podoactiva




There are several companies and professionals from the world of dance who have trusted Podoactiva for years to care for their feet:


-Gonzalo Preciado, the first Spanish dancer to be part of the cast of the Latvian National Ballet, one of the most prestigious in the world, has been taking care of the health of his feet with us for many years.


Gonzalo Preciado with his personalized templates Podoactiva


-Several members of the La Mov dance company, with its director, Víctor Jiménez -former dancer of companies such as the Béjart Ballet Lausanne or the Lyon Opera-, at the head.


Víctor Jiménez, director of the company, maintains that they are very interesting studies, you are not aware of how you move, how you support yourself and the possible dysfunctions you have until you do these tests.


The dancers went to the Podoactiva Headquarters, in the Walqa Technological Park in Huesca, where the biomechanical studies of gait and the tread. were prescribed custom insoles Podoactiva and the feet performing points and the basic movements of the dance were analyzed.


For the first time, we gave a dance company a analysis of your body movements with the Younext 4D system while they developed fragments of their main choreographies.




Do you suffer any type of injury due to dance or do you want to prevent them? En partners we can help you. consult your podoactiva clinic nearest HERE or contact us at 974 231 280 or Traves de info@podoactiva.com.


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