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Fungi and infections on the skin of the feet. Which are the most frequent?

The feet support the weight of the entire body. To this effort must be added the continued rubbing of shoes and the fact of being enclosed in socks or stockings (which are sometimes soaked with sweat). And all this without counting on extras like too narrow shoes, sharp points that force the fingers to be in unnatural positions or high heel shoes that cause certain areas of the foot to be overloaded and overexposed to friction.

The feet are one of the areas of the body that more problems can present in the skin.


knowing the most common pathologies of the skin of the feet and knowing how to treat them is essential to keep beautiful feet and, above all, healthy. In this article we list the most common, giving some basic tips for prevention.


Fungal infections


-Athlete's foot: Very common fungal infection. It spreads mainly in humid environments where people walk barefoot, such as public showers, changing rooms, swimming pools, etc. it's not serious, but it is very annoying because the itching is very strong. It usually starts just under the fingers and sometimes causes the skin to crack, which also makes it very painful. In the article "Athlete's foot. Types of infection and tips to prevent it” We analyze this pathology in depth.


-ringworm of the feet: It is an infection caused by a different type of fungus than athlete's foot. It usually appears in young people, they do a lot sport and that they usually wear closed sports shoes even when it is very hot. It is relatively common and usually makes its appearance between the fingers. It itches a lot and is very annoying.



For, prevent fungal infections It is advisable:


– Do not go barefoot in changing rooms, swimming pool and public showers, the use of flip flops in this case it is essential.


– Correct hygiene from the feet. Wash them well and, above all, dry between fingers to prevent humidity from favoring the appearance of fungi.


- Change shoes frequently, better not wear the same two days in a row, but let them air before repeating its use. 


 - Use of cotton socks one hundred percent, since this material is the most suitable for absorbing sweat and keeping feet dry. Change them whenever necessary, even twice daily in case of increased sweating.




The plantar warts are also known by the name of papillomas, since they are caused by the papilloma virus. They are very common, especially in the summer, when more infections occur because we walk barefoot more often. The main victims are children and people with a weak immune system. They are considered benign tumors with little risk of being cancerous.


Normally, this type of warts respond well to treatment and they do not usually cause more problems, but in some cases they may need cryotherapy or even be removed using the scalpel. When they are located at support points can be very painful.


La prevention start by avoiding walking barefoot through areas with a lot of people, and since papillomas are more frequent in weak people from the immunological point of view, keep the immune system strong is one of the best tips in this case.


In the article “Warts on the feet. What are they and how to treat them? We delve deeper into this pathology.





The eczema attack all kinds of people and of any age. They can be caused by friction, but most often an allergy or infection caused by contact with something that triggers it comes into play. Sometimes the allergy is caused by the treatments used for fungi, by confusing eczema with a mycosis. Given that there can be many reasons that cause these reactions, and that they are so easy to confuse with fungi, it is necessary to assessment of a professional to determine what it is and how it will be treated.




Juvenile plantar dermatitis is a type of dermatitis It is affecting children or very young people and that is directly related to the problems of atopic skin.

Flaking of the skin and redness appear that can cause very painful fissures.


Hygiene, good footwear, hydration, cotton socks and making sure to dry your feet very well are the key to prevent it or so that this problem does not get worse.




hyperhidrosis is the excessive foot sweating that can have different causes, among them the use of Inadequate footwear. But generally it is hormonal causes or sweat gland problems. To treat and prevent this pathology, it is advisable to visit a professional for a correct diagnosis.




There are other pathologies on the skin of the feet (by clicking on them you can get more information):






Suspecting that you are suffering fungus or any of the infections that we have talked about, it is important not treating yourself with home methodsBut go to a qualified professional to offer us a specialized diagnosis and recommend the best treatment for our specific case.

Home or inadequate treatment can aggravate and complicate the infection.


Dr. Amparo Rodriguez

Amparo Rodríguez Dermatological Center (Barcelona)


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  • Suan S.
    Posted at 03:38 a.m., February 15 Reply

    Good, I have a question, for some time I have been getting little balls sporadically, which feel like that but do not look like such, because they look smooth under the skin, but when you touch one it feels plump, only one white comes out in any of the 2 feet, as if with water or pus, on the soles of the feet and they tend to itch like a sting from some chigger or some other mosquito or insect, would you know why it happens? Is it nothing bad? Thanks!

    • partners
      Posted at 19:34 a.m., February 15 Reply

      Good afternoon Suan. To assess what is happening and the most appropriate treatment, we would need one of our professionals to see you in consultation. With the details that you indicate and without making an observation, we cannot give you an accurate solution. If you want, you can contact us by calling us at +34 974 231 280 or through WhatsApp at the number +34 635 368 675.
      Thank you very much and best regards.

  • John Camilo Roa
    Posted at 17:29 p.m., May 15 Reply

    Some time ago I had an allergy on my feet, more specifically on the heel of the foot but it is in the same part, both feet, and now I have a red irritation with many blisters and water comes out. I don't know exactly what I have, they were pleased.

    • partners
      Posted at 10:27 p.m., May 23 Reply

      Good morning Juan. Thank you very much for thinking of us. Regarding what you tell us, there can be several pathologies, from an allergy as indicated to a fungal infection. Therefore, we would need to see you in consultation.
      If you want, you can contact us by calling us at +34 974 231 280 or through WhatsApp at the number +34 635 368 675.
      Thank you very much and best regards.

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