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Dry feet. Why is it important to properly hydrate your feet?

La leather It is the largest organ of our body and one of its principal functions Its the barrier to entry for many microorganisms protecting us from possible infections. The correct function of the skin is directly related to its hydration. In a hydrated skin, what is much more elasticit is difficult for them to appear cracks or peeling, minimizing the chances of infection by microorganisms.


When we refer to the feet, the hydration plays an even more important role than in any other area of ​​the body, since we are referring to a skin that is habitually load-bearing, or that of weight of our body, if we refer to the plant, or that of the shoe chafing in the back area.



We have to take into account that the skin of the foot also has some peculiarities that the rest of the body does not have. For example, it is worth noting the skin in the heel area can become 50 times thicker than that of the cheek area on the face. It is easy to understand that a the perfect that works perfectly on the face or hands does not work on our feet.


Keeping the skin hydrated on the feet with specific creams will reduce the chances of injuries such as cracks or calluses appearing.


When should the foot skin be moisturized?

The foot, contrary to what is done on many occasions, It should be hydrated at night. It is quite common for the rest of the body to be hydrated in the morning after a shower, and it is correct for the rest of the skin, but not for our feet.


We have to bear in mind that if we moisturize our feet in the morning and then put the foot inside a sock and/or shoe, the mixture between the hydration and the possible sweating of the foot can cause a “maceration”. Thus, it generates a wet medium maintained that does not favor the health of our feet at all. For this reason, the best way to hydrate the foot is by self-massage, a few minutes before going to bed, so that the cream can work during the night. In this infographic we tell you how to perform this daily habit in just 4 steps:




Is it advisable to wear a sock after putting on the sleeping cream?

This is a question that patients usually ask us in consultation. The belief is quite widespread that if after put on moisturizer, we put on a sock throughout the night, the effect will be greater. As well, the answer is no. Putting on a sock will help decrease the effect of hydration, since an important part of the cream will be absorbed by the fabric of the garment.


What we do advise is, in those cases in which dryness is very evident, for example, visible cracks in the heel, carry out a "plastic cure" in the evening. This consists of apply moisturizer on the foot (the one that a podiatry professional has advised us) and cover the heel area with cling film (the one we use in the kitchen). This will make the hydration effect much more intense. Performing this same operation two or three days in a row we'll get one quick repair of dry heel. However, if we maintain regular daily hydration of our feet, it will not be necessary to resort to this remedy.


If everyone knows that it is very important to maintain proper hydration of the skin, in the case of the foot it is much more important since a crack or any injury that dryness favors will prevent us from comfortably doing something as simple and common as walking. . Of course, in all those people who They practice sport or suffer from any dermatological condition, foot hydration charge a special importance.



What creams should I use?

The answer is clear: specific foot creams (forget face creams, hand creams…). In partners We have worked for more than 2 years in the creación  of a range of moisturizing products, to respond to the different hydration needs of the feet in different types of people and activities. We are clear that the type of activity, kind of leather or the presence of certain pathologies, must be taken into account when setting the better hydration for the feet of our patients. Discover the U20 Sport Podoactiva cream here.


In addition, it is important to note that proper hydration "on the outside" must be accompanied by proper hydration "on the inside". Is very important to drink water, minimum of 2 liters a day, and maintain a balance diet and rich in fruits and vegetables. As usual, we cannot see the feet as a separate part of the body, keep a adequate weight and proper nutrition and hydration have a direct effect in favor of our feet.


TIP: If you are not a regular user of specific moisturizing creams for the foot, do a test for a month with a product specially indicated for your case and without any doubt, your feet will tell you if it was worth it.



Victor Alfaro

Expert podiatrist in biomechanics

Podoactiva General Manager

Chiropodist Real Madrid CF

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