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Continuous training, one of the principles of Podoactiva

La training continuous is one of the Podoactiva values. The value of the workers is one of the most important pillars of the company. The society in which we live is constantly changing, and much more so if we talk about the health sector. That is why at Podoactiva we are committed to continuous training of workers from the beginning of their professional career within the company.

Improve job skills It involves improving the effectiveness, efficiency and competitiveness of the company and the team.

At Podoactiva, the initial training period lasts between 2 and 3 months, during which the podiatrists at the headquarters with theoretical and practical sessions on technology and consultation protocols.

Initial training is as important as recycling. It is highly recommended to review protocols and diagnostic methods after a few months to remember and improve patient care.

In this moment of expansion At Podoctiva we have 6 podiatrists in training at our headquarters. In this video, Antonio Gomez, responsible for the training department together with Javier Alfaro, is giving a practical session on the use of the analysis method Younext 4D.

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